What we do

At Screen Changers, we are passionate about using media for good. We design innovative and strategic projects that fight against poverty and advance human rights. We deploy media in its various forms and in interactive ways to scale up impact and leverage on the ground successes. Our focus areas are the needs of women, young people and minority groups, and the challenges surrounding religion in society.

Our approach

We believe that media has a vital, catalytic role to play. It reaches into households, poor communities, illiterate societies, nomadic cultures, and areas marred by conflict and displacement in a way that traditional aid workers can’t. In an increasing number of scenarios, media is the most efficient means to reach people. As a result, media projects can make valuable contributions alone, or provide a game-changing complement to civil society and government efforts on the ground.


In the Middle East and North Africa region, television is by far the most popular media. 97% of households have a TV, and satellite dishes enable unprecedented access to uncensored information. Social media usage is accelerating, particularly amongst the youth; and social media platforms are increasingly playing a role in education.


Our specialization is in designing multi-media projects which support human rights and address pressing social needs. Television serves as our core platform, to which other media are added according to the audience we need to reach and the ‘issue’ we are tackling. Our work increasingly utilizes mobile technology and social media, as these are key to engaging with our audiences. We craft a combination of approaches which together support audiences to interact, learn, build confidence, test out and make positive changes in their lives.

Our work is collaborative. We work with established local partners for production, broadcasting and outreach in local languages.

Our work is research based. As part of our commitment to measure impact, each project has a research component. We invest in evaluative research with audiences and seek to contribute to the growing body of research which underpins the broader media for development effort.


Supporting women and girls to achieve education, health, security and equitable participation

Young People

Enabling young people to make a positive contribution within society

Minority Groups

Supporting minority groups to know and access their rights and to contribute to public life

Religion & Society

Recognizing religion is pivotal; building tolerance; combating extremism

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