Simon Hart, Trustee

Simon worked with Rolls-Royce PLC in a range of capacities and was Director of Strategic Planning for more than 10 years before taking early retirement. Whilst mostly UK-based, he was born and grew up in Kenya, and lived in Cairo whilst setting up the Rolls-Royce joint venture in Egypt. He was an elected City Councillor for Derby for six years. He has served on several boards: for a local theatre, an event management company, a refugee reintegration charity, and a pan UK church group. He has a degree in Mechanical Engineering and is a qualified Chartered Management Accountant.

Simon shares his enthusiasm for our work:

“My interest in media goes back to listening to the World Service at a Kenyan school on a crystal set with the aerial slung over the branches of a gum tree. Mostly it was world news with Alvar Lidell, which talked about a comedy duo, or so I thought, called Mr. Bulganin and Mr. Khrushchev, with music from Lilliburlero, stories from Alastair Cooke and humour from the Goon Show and Round the Horne.   The experience improved with an illicit transistor radio paid for with the proceeds of selling a pony.

My parents spent a lifetime in foreign aid teams, working with animals in three African countries, so I never lost interest in applying technology to transform the lives of people who have little, especially in dispersed rural communities.

Screen Changers for me is a fascinating opportunity to achieve impact using relatively small amounts of investment to reach mass audiences. In short, replacing that crystal set from the 1950s with new ways to educate, engage and inspire positive social change.”

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